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MY STudio

Everyone should have a little space that is all their own. A quiet place to reflect on life, to create, or to simply take a deep breath at the end of a busy day. For me, that place is my studio.


Light-filled and colorful, my studio has distinct areas for different creative pursuits. When working on my computer, I sit in front of a sunny window at a vintage desk in the perfect shade of green. A stainless steel work table wearing a fabric skirt once resided in my former tea room’s kitchen. Now it’s where I photograph and pack items listed in my Etsy shop. An area dedicated to sewing features a whimsical teapot-embellished kitchen table. For storage, I rely on an oak Hoosier-style cabinet. On the wall above it, a twelve-foot-long shelf holds my collection of 1950s picnic tins.


I love dreaming up creative ways to repurpose vintage pieces. An array of planters neatly corrals art and office supplies. A refurbished vegetable bin stores sewing trims. And a worn, paint-splattered ladder keeps my favorite mid-century tablecloths on display just because they are so pretty to look at.


My studio is a special place that is all mine. Spending time here makes me happy each and every day.

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